Adding a Person

Adding a Person

To create a Person, click on People, and then Add Person. Enter the required details in the dialog that appears and then click Update.



Person Fields

First Name: The Person's first name.

Last Name: The Person's surname.

Display Name: The name that is used within fileplan to represent this Person. This field is mandatory.

Phone: The person's phone number.

Organisation: The Organisation that this user is a member of, if any.

Email Address: The email address that is used by the Person. This address will be used to send messages to the Person. This field is mandatory.

Username: This field is used internally by fileplan to refer to this Person, and cannot be set directly.

Culture: The language and culture for this Person.

Role: The user role for this Person, one of Non-User, Guest, User, Administrator or Instance Administrator.

Can Edit List Values: This allows the user to make changes to the values of List Items in Lists.

Teams: A Person can be a member of one or more Teams, which are used to control access to Libraries and documents. 


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