Teams and Team Membership

Teams Explained

A Team is simply a group of People. Each person can be a member of one or more Teams, or no Teams.

Teams are used to control access to documents. All members of the Team will have access to documents as set for the Team itself.  This saves the need to set access control for each individual Person on fileplan.




Adding a Team

Any Administrator can add new Teams. To do this, click People, then the Teams tab and Add Team. Enter the values for the Team's Name, Description and whether the Team is a Guest Team. Once you are done, click Update. Note that once a Team has been created, its status as a Guest Team cannot be changed.



Guest Teams

These are special Teams used ensure only Guest user access control will be available to all members of the Guest team.


Adding People to a Team

To add People to a Team, click People, then the Teams tab. Select the Team you would like to add People to and click the button Add People. Select the People who are not already members of this Team to add. Once you are done, click Add Selected People. Note that you cannot add People who are Guests to a Team which is not designated as a Guest Team.




Deleting a Team

Teams can be deleted, which will remove the Team entry from all People to whom the Team was assigned. To do this, select the Teams tab on the People page. Find the desired Team and then click the corresponding button Delete.

Deleting a Team must be done with careful consideration where the Team is used to control access to documents.


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