Navigating around fileplan

Navigating around fileplan

When a user logs in to fileplan they are presented with a screen which can be used to upload documents, perform searches and perform operations on these documents. A typical example of what this page might look like is presented below.



A description for each section is provided according to the number in the above diagram.


(1) Libraries, Lists and People are used to control information and users within fileplan and can be viewed by all users. Only administrators can make changes to Libraries and People and specified users can make changes to Lists. Users can also use Add Documents to upload new documents into fileplan.


(2) Search allows users to find documents within fileplan by selecting criteria that match documents they are looking for. For example, a user could search for all emails for a specified matter, or all Excel files saved by a particular user. 


(3) Favourites, Flagged, RecentChecked Out and Deleted are preset searches that allow users to view documents that have been marked by this user as Favourites, Flagged or Checked Out, or which have been saved or deleted recently.


(4) After these searches is section that presents a list of Libraries that this user has access to.


(5) Users can browse through the Lists and Folders for the selected Library and view the files in a Folder by selecting it. 


(6) The list of documents that exist in a folder are visible in this section. Search results are also displayed here. Operations can be performed on documents that are selected in this section.


(7) The Preview, Details and Actions pane are available here. Users can see what a document looks like before opening by selecting the Preview Pane. Information about the highlighted document can be seen in the Details Pane. Functions can be performed on documents through the Actions Pane, including moving, deleting and checking out documents.  


(8) Documents that you have shared with others can be viewed by selecting the Settings option. User details including the user's password and email address can also be modified in this section.


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