Changing Document Details

Fields Explained

Whenever a document is saved into a Library, information about that document is also saved, such as the title of the document, the date it was saved and the file extension. Some of this information is automatically recorded, for example the date it was saved and the user who saved it. Other information like the Document Type, Notes on the document or its Category can be modified by users. These editable values are called Fields. Users can edit this information and also use it to search for documents that match certain conditions e.g. emails that were sent this month, or documents that have been Archived.


This Field information for a document can be viewed in the Document Details tab. To change information about a specific document, highlight the document (1) and select the Details pane (2). The fields for this document will appear in the Profile section shown in (3) where they can be modified. 



Changes of Details for Multiple Documents

Sometimes a user may want to change the details for more than one document at a time. The Modify Field operation allows users to simultaneously change the value of a field for more than one document.


To Modify A Field for more than one document file, ensure that the check box for the documents are ticked (1), select the Actions pane (2) and finally the option Modify Field (3).



Users will then be asked to select which field of the documents to modify (1). A new value can be entered at (2) then click Modify



To refresh your results to reflect the changes, click on the Refresh button (1).



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