Copying and Moving Documents

Copying and Moving Documents

Documents in fileplan can be moved from folder to folder within the same library or even different libraries. Libraries are configured to store information about documents like the the Document Date or the Person Responsible. These values are called Fields. Field values will become unavailable for documents that are moved or copied to libraries which do not use those Fields. After documents have been moved or copied you will need to refresh your search to show the changes in the view of folders and the search results.


To copy or move any number of documents, ensure that the check boxes for the documents are ticked (1), select the Actions pane (2) and finally either the option Copy Documents or Move Documents (3). The selected documents will be copied to the clipboard to be pasted later.



To complete the Copy or Move operation select a folder within fileplan and click on the arrow to bring up the list of folder operations. Choose the option Copy Documents Here or Move Documents Here.



To refresh your results to reflect the changes, click on the Refresh button (1).



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