Library Columns

Columns Explained

Whenever a document is saved into a Library, information about that document is also saved, such as the title of the document, the date it was saved, and the file extension. Some of this information is automatically recorded, for example the user who saved it and the date. Other information like the Document Type, Notes on the document or its Category can be modified by users. All of this information can be viewed as Columns in the search results.


Adding Columns to a Library

To change the Columns that are visible in search results for documents in a Library, click Libraries, select the Library to edit then click Columns. Columns that do not appear in the search results can be seen in the Available Fields box and those that do appear in the search results are in the Included Fields box. To change which Columns appear in the search results for this Library, select a Column from one of these boxes and drag it to the other in the order in which you would like it to appear. When happy with your selections, click Save.



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