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Fields Explained

Whenever a document is saved into a Library, information about that document is also saved, such as the title of the document, the date it was saved and the file extension. Some of this information is automatically recorded, for example the date it was saved and the user who saved it. Other information like the Document Type, Notes on the document or its Category can be modified by users. These editable values are called Fields. Users can edit this information and also use it to search for documents that match certain conditions e.g. emails that were sent this month, or documents that have been Archived.


To view and edit Field values, select a document, click the Details tab then click Profile.  Fields can also be edited in the Details tab when saving a document using the fileplan Windows client. 


Adding Fields to a Library

To change the Fields that appear for editing in document details, click Libraries, select the Library to edit then click Fields. Every Field that users can assign values to in the document details can be seen in the Fields box. To change which Fields are able to edit for this Library, tick the box Show for each Field you would like to make available. When satisfied with your selections, click Save.



Using and Editing Lookup Fields

One special type of field is called a Lookup. Fields of this type allow users to assign information from a list of values, for example, by assigning one of a number of categories or periods to a document. If a Lookup Field is selected to appear in a Library then by default users will be able to select any value that appears in the list on the right hand side of the page.



If however, only certain values are required for a particular library then the values that are to be enabled must be selected manually. For the chosen Field values, click Edit, select the box Include and then press the button Update. The text of a particular Field value can also be set by editing the value and clicking Update when the changes are complete. Finally, click Save to update the Field. Note that this text will be the same across all Libraries, but the choice of which values are enabled for a Field can differ from Library to Library.


If the Lookup Field does not have a value that is required, one can be added. For the chosen Field, click the button Add Field Value. Set the Field Value text for this new item and select the box Include if you would like the value to be enabled for this Library (but only if there are other Field Values that are Included, otherwise it is assumed to be enabled by default). When satisfied with the changes, click Update. If a value for a Lookup Field is no longer required, then it can be deleted by selecting the value for the chosen Field and clicking the corresponding button Delete. Note that if any document has a particular Field Value assigned to it, then the Field Value cannot be deleted. These documents will need to be changed to have a different Field Value before deletion can occur.


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