Organisations Explained

An Organisation is a business or other entity. fileplan allows a list of Organsations to be maintained for the purpose of knowing which Organisation each Person belongs to. A Person can only work for one Organisation.



Adding an Organisation

Any Administrator can add new Organisations. To do this, click People, then the Organisations tab and Add Organisation. Enter the values for the Organisation's Name, Description and Website. Once you are done, click Update.


Adding People to an Organisation

To add People to an Organisation, click People, then the Organisations tab. Select the Organisation you would like to add People to and click the button Add People. Select the People who do not currently belong to an Organisation to add. Once you are done, click Add Selected People.



Deleting an Organisation

Organisations can be deleted, which will remove them from all People to whom they are assigned. To do this, select the Organisation tab on the People page. Find the desired Organisation and then click the corresponding button Delete.


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