What is Access Control?

Access Control Explained

Access Control is the means by which administrators can grant or restrict access to objects in fileplan. Access Control can be applied to Libraries, List Items and Folders. Access to these objects can be set for individual users and also on a team level, applying to every member of the team. If a user is given different levels of access both individually and through Team membership, the highest level of access granted is used. If a user is not granted access either individually or as part of any Team, fileplan treats that user as having no access.


Access Control Roles

Access control permissions can be assigned to one of seven possible roles, depending on your requirements. These roles are listed below:


Full Control

This role is typically reserved for Administrators and Instance Administrators who need to not only view and work with all documents but also grant or revoke access for other users.


Full Access

This role is assigned to users who will be able to perform all functions that relate to the typical use of a document within fileplan, including viewing, downloading, editing, saving, moving and deleting.



This role is given to users who are able to view and work with documents, including editing and saving and deleting documents.  Editors cannot add, rename or delete folders.


Read Only

Users with the Read Only permission can search for documents and download and view them, but are unable to save them back into fileplan or modify them in any way.  


Read Published Only

This role is similar to Read Only, but is further restricted by only allowing the user the ability to read documents that have been marked as Published in Version Control.


Save Only

Save Only is assigned to users who are responsible for saving documents into fileplan, but cannot search for or interact with documents in any way. Users with this role will only be able to save documents using the fileplan Windows client application.


Deny Access

This role differs from the other roles listed because it revokes access rather than granting it. If a user is denied access to a Library, Folder or List Item then the user will be entirely unable to interact with it. It will not appear in fileplan and no operation performed by this user will succeed. It is important to note that if Deny Access is applied this will supersede any other permissions that might be granted through a parent folder or through membership of a team that has been given a different permission.


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