Saving from Windows folders

Saving from Windows folders

Files that already exist in Windows can be added to Libraries in fileplan directly from Windows Explorer. To begin this process, right-click on the files in Windows Explorer and select the option  Send to > SendTo fileplan.



If the user has not started the fileplan Windows client then the application will start but the SendTo operation will need to be performed again. If the user is not logged in to the fileplan Windows client then the login screen for the application will appear. Log in as usual to continue the saving process.



The user will be presented with the Save Dialog which allows the user to choose the folder location where the documents will be saved and the Field information to be assigned to the document.



(1) Preset searches (Recent, Favourite, Flagged and Checked Out Documents) can be used to find documents already within fileplan. A list of libraries is also available for selection. 

(2) If a Library has been selected and this Library contains a List, then the List values will appear for selection.

(3) If a Library has been selected, this section enables the user to select the Folder where the document will be saved.

(4) The list of documents in the selected Folder or preset search are displayed in this section. The selection of a file is only relevant if the operations Save as Version 1, Save as Next Version or Replace Selected are chosen.

(5) The user can choose a number of different methods to add the documents to fileplan:

Save: The documents are added to fileplan with new Doc IDs.

Save As Version 1: The documents will be saved as the first version of a new version controlled document (Version 1).

Save as New Version: This option is only available when an existing version controlled document is selected. This operation allows the user to save the document as the next version of the selected document. For example, if Version 4 of a document is selected, then the new file would be saved as Version 5 of that document. 

Replace Selected: This option is only available when an existing document is selected. Instead of saving the file as a new file, the selected document is replaced by this file instead.

(6) Before saving the document the user should enter relevant details about the document using Fields that have been assigned to the selected Library. These fields are available by clicking on the Details tab of the Save Dialog.



After an operation to save the document has been selected, a popup message will report the success of the operation.


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