Sharing Documents

Why Share Files?

Sharing files allows anyone to access a set of files, even those people without access to fileplan. Access to these files can be granted for a specified period or indefinitely. To share documents, users first select a number of documents then enter the sharing recipients' email addresses. These addresses will receive an email that contains a link to a web page from where the shared documents can be downloaded. 


To share documents, ensure that the check boxes for the documents are ticked (1), select the Actions pane (2) and finally the option Share (3). One easy way to share documents from different Libraries and Folders is to flag them first.



Users will then be presented with the facility to send a share email giving people access to the selected documents. Enter email addresses or the names of fileplan People or Teams that you want to share documents with at (1). A subject and contents for the share email can be entered at (2). The document shares can be configured to expire after a period of 1 day, 7 days, 28 days or to persist forever at (3). Once these settings are set, click Share.



Each recipient entered at (1) will receive an email containing a link to the documents with a subject and contents as specified. Information about the length of time before the link expires is also presented.



Clicking on this link will take users to a web page where the documents can be downloaded and worked with as usual. If these files are to be saved back into fileplan then the user will need to use the Add Documents or Replace File functions from within fileplan.



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