Viewing My Document Shares

Viewing Shared Documents

To view information about the documents you have shared, click on the drop down arrow next to the person icon in the top right of the page and choose the option My Shared Documents.



Each Document Share that this user has created will appear in a list. At any point the permission granted to users by a particular Document Share can be cancelled by clicking Cancel. To view information about a Document Share, click on the appropriate View Details.



Under the Documents tab information about each document in the selected Document Share is displayed. For each document, every person who received the email (whether individually or as part of a Team) is listed as well as the last time they downloaded this document.



Under the Recipients tab information about each individual in the selected Document Share is displayed. Each person who received an email (whether individually or as part of a Team) is displayed as well as the documents that they have accessed through this Document Share and the time of the last download, if any. To resend a Document Share via email, click the Resend button for that user. 



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