Saving Attachments

Saving Attachments

When emails are saved into fileplan, they are saved as complete email messages, including attachments. When they are opened through fileplan, they can be replied to and forwarded as if they were opened directly from Outlook. Sometimes users may also seek to save the attachments from an email into fileplan, separate from the email. 


For Microsoft Outlook the Addin buttons are available through the fileplan toolbar ribbon. To do this, select an email with the attachments to save and click Save Attachments (1).



The user will then be presented with a dialog which lists all the files that are attached to the the selected email. Select the documents to save into fileplan.



Clicking Save will present the user with the Save Dialog which allows them to choose the folder location where the documents will be saved and the Field information to be assigned to the documents as per a normal save operation.


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