How do I download the fileplan Windows Client?

What is the fileplan Windows Client?

The fileplan Windows client gives users the ability to access their documents in fileplan through an application on their Windows based computer rather than through a browser. In addition, the fileplan Windows Client provides access to additional  integration with Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint through addins which allow users to save documents through these Microsoft Office applications. For more information about these addins, please see the article Saving in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.


Installing the fileplan Windows Client

Step 1

Before beginning the installation, ensure that no Microsoft Office application is running and also that the fileplan client has been exited (rather than simply minimised or closed to the system tray) if it has been installed prior to this time.


Step 2

The latest version of the fileplan Windows Client is available from the login page by clicking on the link "Download the fileplan client for Windows 7, 8 and 10" (1). Clicking on the link will download the client executable file which should be installed by a user with system administrator rights on the current machine. 



The installation executable will be downloaded to your machine, typically to your Downloads folder. Find this file and double click on it to begin the installation.


Step 3

When the installer begins, you will see the following:



Click Next to move to the next step of the installation wizard.



The user will be prompted for a path to the installation folder. Click Next when the desired folder has been selected. The fileplan Windows client will then install to this location.


To start the fileplan Windows client, choose Start > Programs > Radix Software > fileplan > fileplan. You will be prompted to log in.



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