Re-activating a Suspended Trial Subscription

A fileplan trial subscription will become suspended if no payment details are entered at the end of a trial.  An active subscription will also be suspended if a credit card payment fails multiple times.

A suspended subscription can be reactivated within 14 days of the suspension date.  After 14 days, if the subscription is not re-activated all data will be deleted.

A subscription can only be reactivated by an instance administrator and the re-activation process requires a valid credit card.

Follow these steps to reactivate a suspended trial subscription:

  1. Login into fileplan using your unique fileplan web address, for example,
  2. On the login page, click Forgot password? if you cannot remember your password.
  3. After logging in, click Enter payment details, a new browser tab will open.
  4. On the new browser tab, select the plan required.
  5. Select the number of users required.  You cannot select less users than were in use during the trial.  The user quantity can be adjusted as soon as the subscription becomes active.
  6. Continue and enter payment details as prompted.
  7. After payment details have been successfully entered, return the original browser tab.
  8. Click the Reactivate subscription button which should appear on the page within a minute or so of entering valid credit card details.
  9. You now have an active fileplan subscription. 




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