8 September 2015 - Windows Client Updated

The fileplan Windows client has had some new features added and range of bugs fixed.

Version 1.0.11 can be downloaded and installed on Windows 7, 8 and 10 computers from today.

You can update the fileplan Windows client by clicking on the fileplan icon in the system tray then click System Preferences.  You will see a link indicating an update is available.  Click the link to download and install the latest version of fileplan Windows client.

New Features

In Word and Excel, clicking Save or CTRL-S on the keyboard will immediately update both the local copy and the the server copy of the document. Other users can open the server copy of the document read-only and see the latest changes even while the document is still being edited.

Closing a Word or Excel document will now automatically prompt to save changes and check in the document.

Upon closing a Word or Excel document, the option is now provided to save the document but leave it checked out for further editing in the future.

In the Office applications a Save As New Document button is now available allowing the current document to be saved as a new document in fileplan.

In Word and Excel, a new Update Doc Properties button can be used to set properties within the document such as the Doc ID and List value. These properties can then be included in the header, footer or body of any document.

The fileplan Importer now automatically saves a log file in Excel format after each import is complete.

A fileplan Exporter application is also included in the Windows client allowing documents from a selected Library or all Libraries to be exported to a local computer.

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