6 November 2015 - Web App Updated

The fileplan web app has had in excess of 200 additions in this release including bug fixes, improvements and many new features.

Version 1.1 of the fileplan web app went live on 6 November for all users.   No action is required, just log in to access the new features.  We recommend you refresh your browser page to ensure a clean start.

New Features

Document Action Buttons Now Show Below the Current Document - the action buttons for the highlighted document now show directly below the document itself.  This removes the need to move the the mouse back to top of the grid in to open a document.

Cursor Up and Down In The Results Grid - you can now use the up and down cursor keys to navigate through documents in the results grid.

Administrators Can See Documents Deleted from a Specific Folder -  see a list of documents deleted from a folder by selecting the Show Deleted option from the Folder Actions menu (click the down arrow next the folder). 

The 10MB File Size Restriction Has Been Removed From Add Documents - documents of almost any size can now be uploaded by the fileplan web app using the Add from Computer option on the Add Documents menu, after a folder is selected.

A Footer Can Now Be Shown On Document Shares - you can now set a footer to be automatically added to all document Share emails.  Click the Share button on the Settings page to create the footer.

Send Upload Request - use this new feature on the Add Documents menu, after selecting a folder, to send a request to any email recipient allowing them to upload documents to the folder you selected.  This feature allows non-fileplan users to send you documents.

Auditing for Upload Requests - using the Upload Requests menu option, you can now view details of all documents uploaded by recipients for each request.  Administrators can also see details for all Upload Requests.

Auditing for Document Shares - an additional All Shares button has being added to the My Document Shares page allowing administrators to see activity for all document shares.

New List Values Can Be Added Using The + - a new list value can now be added straight from the Explorer by clicking the + button located on the right side of the List filter in the Explorer.  Users no longer need to open the List page to add, edit or delete list values.

List Values Can Be Edited And Deleted From The Explorer – select any List value shown under a Library in the Explorer, edit and delete buttons are now available on the right side of row selected.

Export List Values - values in a List (for example Clients, Matters or Projects) can now be exported to Excel or CSV file by administrators.

Import List Values - lists can now be populated automatically by importing from a CSV file.  Use this Export to CSV to generate a template for importing.  Note, this import function does not yet support importing values for related list items.

Search Now Allows Criteria For Multiple Fields - in the Search pane, click Show All Fields to allow criteria to be specified individually for fields.   Enter more than one value in a field by separating each value with a semi-colon (;).  A List field is now available for searching for documents associated with any List value.

Export Search Results - after selecting any number of documents (using the tick box selection), click the Export Details option in the action pane to export the document metadata for the selected documents to a Microsoft Excel file.

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