How can I add users to our fileplan?

Administrators can add users at any time to your fileplan instance by clicking on the People button on the top blue bar.  

Adding a user to fileplan

On the People page, click the Add Person button and fill in all the details to create the user.

The new user will receive an email asking them to set their own password.

You can learn more about adding people here.

Making sure you have available users in your fileplan subscription

Each user must be assigned a role - Non user/disabled, Guest, User, Administrator or Instance Administrator. You can learn more about roles here.

Non-users are free of charge, you can have as many non-users as you need.

Guests are also free of charge, but there is a maximum number depending on your subscription plan level.

Users, Administrators and Instance Administrators all require a user subscription. You can see the number of users in your fileplan subscription in the yellow bar at the top of the People page, note, you need to be logged in as an Instance Administrator to see these details.

Adding more users to your fileplan subscription

You will not be able to add new People (except non-users) to fileplan if there are no un-allocated users available in your fileplan subscription. 

You can increase the number of users in your subscription at any time by clicking the Manage Subscription button on the People page or the Account page (which can be found on your user menu at the top right of the screen).

After clicking Manage Subscription follow the prompts to confirm your plan level and enter the number of users required for your subscription.  Please note the number of users can be adjusted up or down at any time.  

When adding users to your subscription you will only be charged the pro-rata amount for the remaining days of the current billing month.

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