23 February 2016 - Web App Updated

Version 1.2 of the fileplan web application went live on 23 February 2016 for all users. The fileplan web app has had roughly 100 additions in this release including bug fixes, improvements and new features. There is no need for additional actions, just log in to access the new features. We recommend you refresh your browser page to ensure a clean start.

New Features

Library Access Control can be changed from the Explorer – Users can now change the Access Control level of a library by clicking on a button near the library name in the Explorer.

List Item Access Control can be changed from the Explorer – Users can also change the Access Control of a List Item by clicking on a button next to the list item in the Explorer.

Change the columns for a library – After clicking on the cog that appears at the top of search results, users are able to change which columns will appear for this library and the order in which they appear by dragging the column headers within the grid.

Rich Text Boxes – Users can now view and edit the contents of emails and footers in HTML, allowing greater control of the appearance and layout of these elements.

Easy Public Links – Links to documents that are shared with all members of the public can now be viewed in the My Shares section, meaning that a new link is not required after the original is generated.

Folder Templates for a Library can be changed from the Explorer – Instead of using the Library view, administrators are able to modify the Folder Templates for a library through the Explorer by clicking on the folder labelled “Folder Template”.

Create Libraries from Explorer – Users can now create new Libraries from the Explorer by clicking on the button “Create New Library” at the bottom of the list of libraries. This will bring up the improved Create Library wizard.

Change, edit and remove fields for a Library from the Explorer – Users can select a document in the Explorer view and choose the Details tab to view more information about the document. From this screen, users can click on the cog to add, edit or remove fields for all documents in this library.


Easy Library name change from the Explorer – The name of a Library can be changed in the Explorer view by clicking on the library name and holding the mouse down until the text insert cursor appears. Make the change to the name and press Enter to accept it.

More Help Text – Users are now be able to access more helpful information about Access Control and Roles from within fileplan through tooltips that appear near the available options.

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