13 March 2016 - Web App Updated

Version 1.3 of the fileplan web application went live on 13 March 2016 for all users. This is a minor release with a number of bug fixes and two improvements. There is no need for additional actions, just log in to access the new features. We recommend you refresh your browser page to ensure a clean start.


Favouriting a Folder Now Adds List Value Context  – In Libraries with a List, clicking on the star icon to make a folder a Favourite will now create a Favourite folder title starting with the first 6 characters of the List item code. This makes it easy to identify Favourite folders without needing to rename them after the operation.

Cannot Add New People to User Roles When No Licences Are Available - A message will now be displayed advising the administrator that no more licences are available if the subscription has no available spots.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been resolved including the following:

Scrolling Left Pane on Tablet – A bug was introduced in the 1.2 web version where the left hand pane did not scroll on touch devices. This is now resolved.




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