20 May 2016 - Windows Client Updated

The fileplan Windows client has had some new features added and range of bugs fixed.

Version 1.1.7 can be downloaded and installed on Windows 7, 8 and 10 computers from today.

You can update the fileplan Windows client by clicking on the fileplan icon in the system tray then click System Preferences.  You will see a link indicating an update is available. Click the link to download and install the latest version of fileplan Windows client.

New Features and Improvements

Favourite Folders - Users can mark a folder as a Favourite in the Windows client or the web app.

Outlook Sync Folder Sync – you can now have Outlook create a folder for each of your fileplan Favourite folders.  Email can be dragged into these folders in Outlook and automatically saved into fileplan when the Sync Favourite Folders button is clicked in the Outlook fileplan ribbon, or according to the timer set in fileplan Preferences (also available from the fileplan ribbon in Outlook).

Background uploading of email - Emails are now quickly marked as saved into fileplan when the user saves them. Once this is done emails are uploaded to the cloud in a background process, allowing the user to continue to use Outlook as normal. You can select and deselect the background saving option from the Preferences dialog available from the fileplan ribbon in Outlook. 

New Document from Template - From within any Office application you can now create a new unsaved document based on your available fileplan template files, just like the ones that are accessible in the Web application.

Save Email with right click - Users can select an email in Outlook and right click on it to save the document or its attachments into fileplan.

Add fileplan properties to Word documents - Users can now use a button on the fileplan ribbon menu to easily insert fileplan properties like the Document ID or Title into a Word document at the current cursor location.

Email fields are split up - The To, CC and BCC fields are all saved separately for an email rather than appearing combined in To.

Image Scaling - Icons and graphical components of the fileplan Windows client are rendered more cleanly when the screen resolution is set to above 100%.


Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been resolved including the following:

Using Replace or Save As New Document function from within an Office Addin caused it to stall.

The fileplan Importer would crash if the user was not logged in.

The Send To operation from within Windows did not assign the correct values for email files.

When performing a save of multiple emails in a batch, any meeting request or acceptance would generate an error.

If a folder was selected in the Windows client Open operation, the Check Out and Open button was not highlighted for the first document until a different document was selected and then the first document was selected again.

There were issues with Favouriting and Unfavouriting in the Windows client.

If a user imported some documents into a folder with the option "List Items, using only X characters of the folder to create the List Items", this did not have an impact on the List Items that were created during the import.

The Save Messages process in the Outlook Addin continued to the Save dialog if the user cancelled the operation before this point.

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