Adding, deleting and renaming Folders

Adding, deleting and renaming Folders

Folders Explained

Folders in fileplan, work much the same way as Windows folders. Folders can be added, modified and deleted by users with sufficient access to the Library.


Adding New Folders

Folders can be added under an existing folder by clicking the parent folder and choosing the option New Folder from the \/ menu. Enter the name of the folder and hit Enter.




Renaming a Folder

Folders can be renamed by clicking the folder then choosing Rename from the menu. Folder names at the same level cannot have duplicate names, just like Windows.


Deleting a Folder

Folders can be deleted by clicking the folder then choosing Delete Folder from the menu. Folders cannot be deleted if they contain documents. In this case, move the files to another folder, or delete the documents before deleting the folder.


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