Favouriting Folders and Documents

Favouriting Folders and Documents

Both Folders and documents can be favourited, allowing users convenient access to documents that are regularly used. These documents are typically kept as Favourites for an extended period. For short term marking of documents, consider flagging them instead.


Viewing Favourite Documents

To see Favourite Documents, click on Favourites. A list of Favourite Folders will appear beneath Documents. Click on Documents to perform a search which shows all the documents that have been favourited by the current user.



Viewing and Renaming Favourite Folders

Favourite Folders are like a shortcut to folders that exist within fileplan. To see Favourite Folders, click on Favourites. A list of Favourite Folders for the current user will appear beneath Documents. Click on the name of the folder to view all the documents in that folder. By default, every Favourite Folder is given the same name as the folder that it comes from, but this can be changed to something more meaningful by selecting it as above and choosing the Rename option.



Favouriting Documents

To favourite or unfavourite a document, simply click on the star icon next to the document in the search results. A Favourite Document will appear with a solid star icon.



Favouriting Folders

To favourite a folder, browse to the desired folder. The name of the folder will appear at the top of the search results showing all the documents in this folder. Click on the star icon next to the name of the folder to make it a Favourite Folder. 



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