Setting Document Properties

Setting Document Properties

Document Properties Explained

Information about Office documents that have been saved in fileplan can be embedded within the documents themselves. Some of this information is always available, for example, steps to display the title can be seen in the article Showing the document Title and ID in your document. More information about the documents can be viewed by setting custom document properties for these files and then ensuring that these properties have been made visible.


Setting Document Properties

To add properties to a document, open the document using Check Out and Open (1) and then click the button Update Doc Properties (2). Note the name of the document at (3) and the List Item (4) that this document belongs to.



Viewing Document Properties in Microsoft Word

To make document properties visible inside Microsoft Word, firstly the document properties must be set. To do this, check out and open the document from fileplan. Select the fileplan menu from the Office ribbon and click the button Update Doc Properties (1). A message will report that the properties have been updated.



Once this has been done for a document, select the Insert menu from the Office ribbon then choose the option Quick Parts > Field (1). 



A dialog will appear allowing you to select the field you would like to insert. Choose DocProperty (1) and then choose one of the custom fileplan fields that are now available for you to use within this document (2) and click OK.



The custom fileplan doc properties are described in the following table:


The Instance that the document belongs to, followed by the Document ID and the Version Number.
The Document ID followed by the Version Number.
If the document belongs to a library that uses a List, this is the List Item assigned to this document.


From the example document illustrated above, the values for each of these properties would be as follows:




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