Showing the document Title and ID in your document

Showing the document Title and ID in your document

Document Titles and IDs 

Document titles and IDs can be inserted into a Microsoft Office document so that users can identify it easily. This can be achieved by using built in functions within Microsoft Office to add elements to either the header or the footer of the document.


Inserting a Document Title and ID

To add the title and ID to a document, open the document and choose the Insert menu from the Office ribbon. Then choose the option Header > Edit Header or Footer > Edit Footer (1) to edit one of these. 



Once you have chosen the header or the footer to edit, choose the Insert menu again and select the option Quick Parts > Field... (1)



The Field dialog will appear from which the field FileName should be selected, then click the OK button. 



The title of the document and the fileplan ID will then appear in the header or the footer of the document. 



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