What is a List?

What is a List?

Lists Explained

Every business uses lists: customers, jobs, staff, assets, matters, policies, properties for example.

fileplan allows Administrators to create Lists. Each item in a List must have a code and a description. The code can be anything meaningful to you but codes cannot be repeated within a List. Once a List is created, List Items can be added by any nominated user.

You can have any number of Lists. Lists can also be related together. For example, Clients can be related to Matters allowing each Matter to be associated with one (or more) Clients.



How Lists Are Used

fileplan allows you to file your documents by List Item. To make this easier, you can create folders under each List Item to organise your documents.

For example let's say you are a law firm. In Lists, create a new Matter called "Ball v SilverTop", and you can start saving email and documents against this Matter immediately. 



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