Working with Version Control

Working with Version Control

Version Control Explained

Users will often want to manage the lifecycle of important documents like legal agreements, policies, procedures and document templates. fileplan allows users to implement version control to maintain multiple copies of a document, each with the same Document ID. In addition, these controlled documents can be assigned a Document Status to track their path through the publication process (Drafting, Reviewing, Approving, Approved, Published, Archived or Destroy). 


Documents that have document versioning applied can be easily identified in search results.



Documents with version control will appear in search results with the label Controlled (1). These documents can also be identified by their Document ID, which will be in the typical format followed by a hyphen and the version number of that particular document (2).


Notes about this version of the document are available in the Details tab (3). The functions to Duplicate the document as a new version or Upload a new version can be found in this section. 


The lifecycle of the document can be managed through the Document Status at (4).


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