Why can't I see all the list items in this library?

Why can't I see all the list items in this library?

If you are using a library organised by list items and find that not all the list items are displayed, there are two possible causes to look into.

You are viewing favourite list items only

Items in a list can be marked as favourites by clicking the corresponding star. Libraries organised by a list can be filtered to display only the items you have marked as favourites.

Check the filter box in the Explorer pane. If the star is solid blue, the list has been filtered. Click it to display all list items.

Filtered List Unfiltered List


You do not have permission to view all list items

Access control can be set for individual list items, folders or libraries. If you can't see an item that you know the list contains, contact the Administrator for your fileplan instance to check your access permissions.

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